Citizen survey on information Needs, Interests & Consumption in Northern Syria

2017 - Citizen survey

on information Needs, Interests & Consumption in Northern Syria



  • Citizens are considerably better equipped for information technology and access to information than one might expect, including displaced communities.
  • Displaced people expressed higher interest in most types of information that were included in the survey when compared to the interest from non-displaced people.
  • Television is uniformly widespread, while internet and telephone are slightly less available but still largely pervasive.
  • Apart from specific types of information related to the domestic sphere, women are generally interested in similar information as men, including first aid, road safety, medical advice, basic prices, and general physical safety information. Additionally, they expressed an overall higher interest in all information types when compared to men.
  • Facebook has secured a role as an absolutely crucial source of information in Syria, as important as television.
  • Despite the high rates of access to information technology, Syrians surveyed still often fail to find the information they need. Most likely this indicates that the information either does not exist, does not exist or they do not know where to find it consistently.
  • Smartphones are the dominant means of accessing the internet among both displaced and non-displaced populations, with 56% of respondents reporting they have personal internet access on their phone.
  • There is strong demand for information services. Demand falls into the same overall themes:
    • the local economy (basic prices, exchange rates, job announcements).
    • physical security (general physical safety, first aid information, road safety).
    • and health (hospital status, vaccination campaigns, medical advice).